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How to run a race that you’re completely unprepared for:


1. Look cute (neon colors are best)
2. Eat like 2 bunches of bananas before (trust me)
3. Run like the beautiful gazelle that you are
4. Yell “YIPPEE KI YAY MOTHERFUCKERS” as you cross the finish line

This works guys I am professional runner

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Your brain is your biggest liquid asset. It is composed of more than 85 percent water. Little wonder then that if you are dehydrated, your thinking ability drops dramatically, as does the performance of your whole body.

● Water is 2nd only to oxygen in survival. A body can live for minutes without oxygen, for a few days without water, and several weeks without food.

● The human body is 60% water, blood is 90% water, muscles are 75% water, and bone is 25% water. Water is one of the main structures of the body. Drain your body of water you’ll be left with a few pounds of chemicals that are worth about $5 you guys!

●Your brain is 1/50 of your total body weight, but it receives 20% of the blood circulation, so 1/5 of your body’s water requirements come from your brain.

●Water balances and regulates almost every other system in the body — temperature regulation, digestion, and waste excretion. You cannot eliminate toxins from your body with insufficient water.

●Most headaches and feelings of fatigue are caused by dehydration.

●You lose about 10 cups of fluid each day in sweat, urine, and bowel movements. Even the air you exhale contains vital water vapor.

●If you wait until you are thirsty to drink, you are already dehydrated. Unlike hunger, thirst is a bad sign.

●Drinks that contain caffeine (colas and coffee) are diuretics, which means they lessen the body’s ability to absorb and retain water — they rob the body of water.

●It is the most time efficient way of improving your mood and overall performance. It takes seconds to drink a glass of water, but the benefits last for hours.

●Combined with a healthy lifestyle, drinking water increases weight loss.



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*grabs waterbottle*

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Can I go on an ice cream diet?

Breyers makes a really good low carb ice cream :)

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My dash is dead, and I have unfollowed so many inactive blogs lately.

I will only follow active health blogs. Hope you guys can inspire me :-)

Stay positive!

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Recycling my veggie compost! Even in NYC you can recycle your compost via greenmarkets around the city, just freeze them, in a container or box until Wednesday or Friday and drop them off, help prevent unnecessary landfill, donate to local urban farming #helpmothernature




she looks legitimately troubled

You guys should watch the whole video, though. It’s lovely.

She just always knows the perfect thing to say

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I’m thankful for all the different ways I can eat potatoes

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